Language learning is one of the fastest-growing enterprises in the world. The online language tutoring sector generated revenues of $5.69 billion in 2018 and is projected to grow to $17 billion by 2027. The growth is attributable to the increasing demand for language skills in emerging economies such as China and India. Here is a list of platforms where teachers offer language courses for a fee.


Italkiclassifies instructors into different categories based on price, country of residence, and ratings. The first category comprises of qualified professionals who are often native speakers of a particular language. Professionals charge premium rates of up to $30 per hour. The second category consists of community tutors who are fluent in a specific language. They charge much lower rates of $10-15 per hour.

Live Lingua

Live Lingua is a private tutoring platform that recruits teachers of all major world languages. Tutors give learners a free trial class on Skype, articulating the lesson plan and teaching methodology. The rates for tutors start at $6 per hour and rise as your ratings improve.


Verbling is one of the most popular language teaching websites. Tutors earn anywhere between $6 and $60 per hour. The rates improve as you rise through the ranks with top tutors making $17-25 per hour. However, they only accept native language speakers with vast experience in teaching.


WyzAnt is one of the most lucrative teaching platforms. New tutors make $40 per hour with the top-rated tutors raking in up to $200 per hour. However, they only accept professional teachers with relevant accreditations and years of experience.


TakeLessons is another lucrative site for experienced language teachers. Unlike other sites, they offer courses in a variety of subjects from music lessons to sports coaching. Tutors choose their starting rates, but the income increases as your ratings improve. Top tutors make $20-30 for 30-minute sessions.