Teaching languages is one of the most exciting jobs around the world. Teaching languages might appear difficult at times since one needs a lesson plan to guide them during the lesson. This issue should no longer take away the fun of teaching languages. The internet has provided a lot of resources that are accessible by anyone online. These resources have a well-written lesson plan and also some important teaching aids. Here are some of the online resources that can help prepare you to teach languages.


The internet is filled with amazing websites that will help in your teaching job. These sites offer you some of the best teaching aids you might find necessary in teaching languages. Here are a few websites excellent for this task:

  • Ielanguages

This website will help you in Swedish, Dutch, Finnish and other European languages.

  • FluentU

You can find some learning videos from this site that will help you with your teaching.

  • Zachary-Jones.com

This website will be very useful to you if you are teaching Spanish.

  • Lesson Planet

You will need to get a subscription so as attain useful information from this website.


You might also decide to look out for research publications online. These publications contain recent information about the subject of study. It is advisable to look out for language teaching organisations online. Most of them have published online journals showing details about their research.


Online communities can easily help in your teaching course. You can find some online platforms with educators who are willing to share knowledge, which might be useful in your lessons. Some of these platforms include Moodle, Facebook and Twitter.

Learning Apps

These applications will give an easy way of teaching a language to your students. They can also act as teaching aids. Some of the most known learning applications are Duolingo, Busuu, WordReference, Yakit Kids, Anki, Skritter and Memrise.