Language proficiency is a valuable skill to possess. The skills will help you converse with others in real life and also to write. You can communicate and deliver a sensible message even without rehearsing. To perfect your proficiency skills, you have to practice enough. There are online platforms where you can test your skills. They include the following.

Track Test

Track test is an online platform where you can test your language skills. There are several categories of tests, some of which are free, while others require you to pay a fee. There is the English Placement Test, which is a 10-minute adaptive grammar test, and it is usually free.

Another test offered on this online platform is the English Core Tests, and it runs for one year. The examination is quite comprehensive since it entails grammar, listening and reading. To register for this test, you have to pay a fee of $12. People undertaking the test do a verified speaking and writing an exam.


When looking for an online platform to test your language proficiency skills, you can opt for Transparent. By looking at their site,, you can see that they offer a variety of languages, including Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, and Italian, among others. This platform cannot disappoint when it comes to putting your skills to test no matter the language you use.

Test Invite

Are you interested in testing your language proficiency skills? Then go for Test Invite, which is an online platform. It offers good tests, and you can also do a demo before doing the main test. There are speaking and writing exams.

iTest English

This online language testing platform tests your proficiency skills. The tests are set in a way they will be able to analyse your strengths and weakness. Age is used to categorise the tests on this platform.