Youthreach Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is Youthreach?
  2. Who can join?
  3. Why Youthreach for my son or daughter?
  4. What Courses are available?
  5. What will a Youthreach course cost?
  6. Will I be paid for attending?
  7. How long is the course?
  8. When can I join?
  9. Where can I join?
  10. How can Youthreach help me?

What is Youthreach?
Youthreach is a programme of education, training and work experience for young people who have left school early in an out of school setting. Its aim is to develop the skills needed for further learning and to prepare young people to progress to further education/training or to employment.

Who can take part in Youthreach programmes?
The Youthreach programme is for young people aged 16-20 years who have left school early.

Why Youthreach for my son or daughter?
For many parents, the idea of a son or daughter dropping out of school, is really bad news and can seem like the end of the road for their child’s education. The great news for those who attend Youthreach in Limerick City is that these young people get a second chance at learning and an opportunity to work towards qualifications at a pace that suits them, within smaller groups and in a friendly and relaxed learning environment. Our programme seeks to ensure that children who are out-of-school get the same chance to achieve their full potential as others who stay in school.
What courses are available in Youthreach?
Youthreach offers certified (FETAC Levels 3 - 5, Junior and Leaving Certificate) and uncertified courses in a broad range of subjects. Courses vary from centre to centre. We provide a rich and exciting mix of educational programmes and recreational activities for sixteen to twenty year old boys and girls from the Limerick City area. As well as the usual school subjects, our centres offer our young people options such as Computers, Personal Development, Communications, Work Experience and Sport. The summer programme includes Outings, Outdoor Pursuits and even the possibility of a Foreign Exchange Trip.

What will a Youthreach course cost?
There are no costs for participating in a Youthreach programme.

Will I be paid while attending a Youthreach course?
If you are 16 years of age or more you will receive a weekly training allowance, a meal allowance and a travel and childcare allowance if applicable while attending the Youthreach Programme.

How long is the course?
Youthreach is a full-time year–round course.
When can I join the programme?
You can apply for Youthreach at any time of the year. 

Where can I join?
To join one of our courses, or to find out more you can:
Call to us at any of our Youthreach Centres: 

  • Youthreach O’Connell Avenue in the City Centre
  • Youthreach, Limerick Youth Service in the City Centre
  • Northside Youthreach in Watch House Cross, Moyross

You can also phone us on 061 - 445700, or,
email us on

How will Youthreach help me?

  • A second chance to gain education and training
  • A chance to develop new skills
  • A chance to make new friends
  • A chance to gain national certification, and progress to further education or training
  • A chance to find employment

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