Self-managed learning

Self-managed learning is about staff and learners being responsible for their own learning and development.
This is important to us because... learning to learn independently increases confidence, and creates conditions where people are much more likely to engage in learning activities throughout their lives. It fosters flexibility and resilience, which in turn leads to greater capacity to deal with uncertainty and change.
  • Self-managed learning approaches are integral to all our programmes and services
  • Staff and Learners use new & existing technologies to support their learning
  • Our staff are proactive in accessing opportunities to keep themselves current and up to date in all aspects of their work
  • Learners are actively involved in managing their own learning and development
  1. Support individual learners to get involved in co-creating, planning and reflecting on their learning experience
  2. Facilitate and encourage staff to be proactive about engaging in their own professional development
  3. Challenge staff to consistently encourage learners to become more self-reliant 
  4. Develop and deliver validated programmes that integrate independent learning skills into curricula
  5. Maximise the use of technology to enhance communication, teaching and learning across the Service

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