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Study Trip to Lahinch
09/03/2010 00:00:00

The VTOS Leaving Cert Geography group recently visited Lahinch on a study trip organised by teacher Kathleen McNamara.  The following is a summary of the day from the pen of learner John Buston.

I love Geography and always had a great interest in landforms and how the earth has developed over time.  I do a lot of hill walking, so the map-reading skills and the knowledge I have gained about the different features of the earth’s surface, are all very useful to me on my walks.

The purpose of the study trip was to learn more about the processes of coastal erosion at Liscannor Bay, County Clare.  It was a great opportunity to get out of the classroom and see for ourselves what we had learned from the books.  Before our trip, we had to get the weather forecast and the times of the low and high tides.  We had been hoping for lots of wave activity in order to see coastal erosion in action but unfortunately the winds were south-easterly which meant that there were little, if any, waves on the day.

We were given a number of tasks to complete such as drawing sketches of the cliff features, comparing hard and soft rock as well as identifying the different methods of coastal protection that occur in Lahinch.  We had to calculate cliff heights and wind speeds and put all the various data onto graphs. We then discussed our conclusions regarding coastal erosion and its impact on Liscannor Bay.  On our return, we had to evaluate the day’s findings – what worked and what didn’t work.

Apart from the educational side of the day and despite the freezing cold, the twelve of us had a good craic.  We brought our own flasks and sandwiches with us and snacked on the bus. Given the hard work and the freezing cold, the food was never more welcome.  Kelly’s bus was better than any five star restaurant!  Overall it was a very enjoyable and profitable day.  The experience allowed us to put our learning into practice and hopefully help us to surpass ourselves at the Leaving Cert exam this coming June!

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