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National Recognition for SimpleIT
30/09/2009 00:00:00

A Limerick partnership initiative was highlighted as an exemplar of good practice when it was showcased at the Age Action Imagine IT Conference which was held in Croke Park on September 28th. 

The Simple IT initiative which offered short jargon-free introductions to technology and focused on the practical skills needed for todays world was organised and delivered by Limerick City Community ICT Steering Group. The Group is a network of Community Groups with Limerick City AES and the PAUL Partnership.

Simpe IT was an outstanding success in 2009 with workshops delivered to a thousand learners in a three month period. Content covered included texting, booking flights,saving and sharing photos and setting up email accounts. More details are available at
Simple IT has now been mainstreamed as part of the AES Adult Basic Education programmes.

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