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LCAES Basic Education Awareness Campaign launched by the Mayor
01/09/2010 00:00:00

Mayor Maria Byrne was on hand to join a group of local adult learners from across Limerick City to launch the “Take the first step” poster campaign to promote adult basic education in Limerick.

Limerick City Adult Education Service (LCAES), part of City of Limerick VEC, is launching the poster campaign to coincide with National Adult Literacy Awareness week, which takes place from September 6th to 10th.

The posters feature local people and are designed to encourage adults who are thinking of returning to education to improve their reading, writing, maths or computer skills to “take the first step”.  It is currently estimated that up to 25% of the Irish population experience some difficulty with reading, writing, maths or basic computers and with the advent of the current recession it is now more important than ever to provide learning opportunities for adults who would like to return to education.

“The world has certainly changed in recent times and for many adults now is the time to make the decision to return to education”, explained Colin Cummins, Adult Literacy Coordinator for the LCAES. “The adults who feature in our posters are like many people around the city who would like to do something to improve their basic skills; these posters celebrate just some of the many learners who took the brave decision to return to education”, he continued.  For many adults the prospect of returning to education is a less than palatable one but it is hoped that these posters will convey a different message.  “Our posters communicate just some of the reasons why people choose to come back to education. Maybe it’s because they would like to help their children with their homework. Maybe they are faced with tougher challenges at work or are looking for work. Maybe it’s because they simply find they have the time now to go back to learning and now is their moment” he added.

Speaking at the launch, Pa Buckley, one of 4 adult learners who feature in the photos spoke of a different experience from when he was in school.  “The people are very friendly and classes are nothing like school.  We have only 5 or 6 people in our group so you get great attention from the tutors; there’s no pressure and you can learn at your own pace”, Pa continued.

“LCAES is very lucky to work with community partners from right across the City, particularly our partners in the Limerick Community Education Network”, said Colin.  “This gives us a unique opportunity to provide classes for people who would like to improve their basic skills right on their own front door. To mark National Adult Literacy Week we will be getting our posters out there to raise awareness and to let people know that there are options and we’re there to help. All they need to do is to take that first step.”

Posters will appear through the City starting from Monday September 6th and anyone interested in attending classes is asked to call 061-445700. More information can be found on

Mayor Maria Byrne (centre) is pictured at the launch of the “Take the First Step” Adult Literacy Campaign, with learners Pa Buckley (left) and Antoinette O’Carroll (right).

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