If you are an employer and would like to ensure that your employees are equipped with
  1. Skills such as leadership, team-working, communication and personal effectiveness which will help you grow and develop your organisation into the future or 
  2. The basic skills needed for the workplace today and into the future - skills such as literacy, numeracy, and  the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

then you need to talk to us at Limerick City Adult Education Service (LCAES). Our Learning programmes will help to equip your employees with the Generic/Transferable Skills for the future and provide employers with a workforce that is better educated, can add value to your business, and is more likely to be innovative and adaptable.

LCAES works closely with a diverse range of employers in the Limerick area. We offer customised, certified training from Levels 1-6 on the National Framework of Qualifications, for employees who need to update their existing work-related skills or acquire new skills. We deliver learning programmes in workplace settings and  in our city centre buildings at times and in ways suited to the needs of both you as an employer and your employees. 

Working with Employers to develop Learning Programmes to meet Future Skills Needs
Adult Basic Education
Re-Skilling & Up-Skilling
English for Speakers of Other Languages
Life, Leisure & Community Skills
Education for Young Adults
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