Payments & Benefits

If you are currently receiving Jobseeker's Allowance or Benefit, you will continue to receive an allowance equivalent to the maximum rate of your Social Welfare payment (

If you are in receipt of a Disability/Invalidity/Lone Parent payment, you will continue to receive your payment from the Department of Social Protection.

Participants signing for credits, or dependent spouses, do not receive a VTOS payment, but will receive meal/travel and childcare allowances if applicable.

Secondary Benefits
VTOS participants retain all secondary welfare benefits (i.e. Fuel Allowance, Rent Allowance, Back to School Allowance etc.).
Training Allowance
Participants in receipt of a Social Welfare or FÁS payment for one year and three days prior, will receive a Training Allowance of €20 per week. 
In many cases you may work (part-time) without your payment being affected.
Childcare provision is provided through CETS (Childcare Education and training Support) Scheme

Meals & Travel Allowance
  • A meals allowance of 80c per day is paid to all participants.
  • A travel allowance is paid to participants living three miles or more from the College.
Books & Exam Fees
  • VTOS operates a book loan scheme for participants and a range of course materials are also provided.
  • Medical Card holders are exempt from state examination fees.

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