Eileen Sheehan
A story with me in it

Eileen Sheehan, LCAES learner and mother of three from Moyross Limerick, has embarked on an incredible journey through her life. An early school leaver aged 12, Eileen portrays her struggles with literacy on RTE’s latest television programme “A Story with Me in it” which was aired on the 16th of May 2011. Eileen took part in a six part series in which she writes about her life story with award winning author Alice Taylor and visit the places in which she has strong memories from her past.

Eileen went back to education four years ago in an LCEAS programme in Moyross. In her first meeting with Alice she talks about her fear when she first started the programme. . “I was always hiding it and keeping it from people – that in itself is an awful lonely place to live. The minute I’d even see someone taking out a biro or a form, the shutters would be up. I remember I was asked would I like to become a waitress but I said no because you’d have to write down orders and I couldn’t do that,” she says. With the help of Alice she finds the confidence in which to write her thoughts and feelings onto the page. “It’s a bit like two horses going out to plough together that never ploughed before...we will have to achieve a certain harmony of thought between us to find a common ground,” says Alice before meeting Eileen at her home. “Writing your’s a daunting challenge,” says Alice.
After a few weeks working together, they produce a piece that Eileen then reads to friends and family. “I’m very proud of myself, I have to say,” says Eileen of her experience. “She teaches you that with courage you can overcome anything,” says Alice.  However Eileen would not have been able to do this without the great work that has gone on in Moyross Education Group which she says is one of the good things that Moyross has to offer. You always hear the bad things about Moyross, you never hear the good things and there are good things,” says Eileen.
Returning to education inspired Eileen to get more involved in the local community and she is now a team leader in Rainbows, an after school group for bereaved children, and she also volunteers with local elderly people while still attending her ‘Sponge Cake and Spelling’ class.

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