Aidan Doherty
Learning his way to a bright future

It has been a long but very rewarding journey for third level student Aidan Doherty. Aidan was one of the many Dell workers who lost his job when Dell closed its manufacturing base in Limerick. However now, following his return to learning with LCAES, Aidan has progressed to study for a bachelor of Business Studies in the University of Limerick.

Aidan first left school at the young age of 16. He had been working in a kitchen at the weekends, and when he was offered a full time position in the kitchen he decided to join the workforce. He then trained and worked as a chef until he was 21 when he got a job working in Dell. He worked with Dell for five years before he was made redundant.

After some time out of work, he was offered a chance to return to education with LCAES Upskill programme.  As an ex-Dell employee Aidan was eligible for support from the European Globalisation Fund (EGF), and was delighted to make the best of the opportunity that his return to education presented. He decided that now was the time to do his Leaving Cert. “I felt much more focused and confident about my ability to succeed in education this time round” said Aidan.

Originally Aidan had decided to just sit the Leaving Cert English and Maths courses but with the help of LCAES, and the support of his tutor Paul Shaw Kelly, he also completed Leaving Cert History, Geography and Business.

Aidan really enjoyed his return to learning with LCAES. “The classes were small so I was able to get a lot out of it. I would describe it as being intensive but very personal”. In the end Aidan was delighted with his results getting an A1 in History, two B1s in Maths and English, a B2 in Business and a C1 in Geography. “If I were to advise somebody on going back to education I would say that getting past the first step of actually applying and starting the course is the hardest part. Once you have started the time flies and before you know it you have a qualification under your belt and you have a real sense of achievement”.

Aidan was delighted to have achieved really good results recently for his first semester in UL. He is hoping to specialise in Accounting or Finance. His future is indeed bright!


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