National Qualification Framework

At Limerick City Adult Education Service we offer courses, which lead to Awards or Certificates from Level 1 to 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications or the NFQ. These awards include FETAC awards and awards from the Department of Education and Science (Junior Certificate, Leaving Certificate and Leaving Cert Applied)

What is the NFQ?

The NFQ (below) is a ten level system that includes awards made for all kinds of learning, large and small. It covers awards gained in the adult education centres, the workplace and the community, training centres, schools, colleges and universities. NFQ Awards include FETAC awards, Junior and Leaving Cert from the Department of Education and Science, HETAC and other professional bodies

Each level of the NFQ has standards that must be achieved by a learner looking to get an award or qualification. Learners can progress from one level to the next over time

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